Finishing Touch – Hair Removal Tool Review

Hello everyone and welcome to another Tahnee’s Blog post and today we have a review for you. As the title suggests this is a hair removal tool that I recently purchased to try. Many of us have unwanted hair we want to rid ourselves of. I, for one, am actually really hairy and don’t prefer the natural look for myself. With that said I thought I would try the ‘Finishing Touch – Flawless Facial Hair Remover.

Why Remove Hair at all?

Body hair and whether to trim it, shave it or let it grow naturally is obviously a personal choice. One that should be respected. For some of us hair removal is an important part of our body care for so many reasons.

Many people feel more confident when they know they’re body is silky smooth from hair removal. Some people remove hair to show body art and tattoos. Some people may even do it because they feel it’s a beauty standard they should upkeep.

Removing fine facial hair can make makeup sit on the skin better. Some may even have darker hair on their face that they would like to remove. Again, choosing to remove or not remove body hair is a completely personal choice.

What If You Want Hair Removal?

For those of us who do choose to remove our body hair, facial hair can be such a pain. Those really light peach fuzz hairs that cover your face. Speaking from the experience of someone who has a lot. It really does have an effect on how your makeup sits on your face. The hairs become immediately visible and even worse if you’re applying powder. The makeup products almost sit on top of the hairs. No amount of blending or buffing will make them less visible either. The eyebrows being one of the worst areas affected.

With so many choices of facial hair removal, I wanted something quick and easy. Something effective that I can use instead of wax or dermaplaning. Something I could do at home easily by myself and didn’t cost as much. In comes the Flawless Facial Hair Remover that I purchased for £19.99.

Flawless Facial Hair Removal

Setting up the Flawless Facial Hair Remover was easy all I had to do was add one AA battery. Once I did that I was ready to start my facial hair removal. It did note that your face should be dry and free of any products. To also not angle the tool but keep it flat on the skin. Rotating in small circular motions. Also, the tip may become warm during use.

It comes with a small light at the tip so you can see all the hairs that you may want to remove. I found the light really helpful. That mixed with a magnifying mirror was a great option.

Did it Actually Work?

Yes, it did work! It did get rid of a large portion of the soft hair on my face after just one use. I will say though that it doesn’t work as well as dermaplaning because you’re not using blades. It did get rid of a large portion of the hair but I can still see some of the hairs in the difficult spots such as chin area. That was after going over it a second time.

The aspect that really stood out to me was how much safer around the eye area it was. It was also safe using over facial moles as long as you don’t apply to much pressure. This will be used again as I am impressed with the results and how easy it was to use. If you used it twice a week regularly hair wouldn’t be a problem. Nice, easy and pain-free hair removal is what we love!

It could save you lots of money on the alternatives that you use for facial hair removal. It was only £19.99 for the unit and then the price of one AA battery when it needs a new one. A reusable hair removal method is great if you ask me!

Was it Painful

No, no pain at all. In fact, I was hesitant at first it was working until I caught my actual hair and it pulled it. Not only is this a reusable hair removal method but pain-free! Sit with a glass of wine, a show and get to it girl!

Well, I hope this review was helpful to you if you’re needing to get rid of some unwanted hair. Do you hate peach fuzz facial hair? Perhaps you want your makeup to look nicer on a daily basis? Have you tried facial hair removal before? Let me know in the comments If you have any questions then please feel free to leave them in the comment below also. You can also stop by my social media pages any time for regular updates or check out my beauty posts.